Love Affair Letters; The Story Behind the Collection



ads_loveaffairletters_inkyflower1Arranged marriages are so very different from those not arranged. For certain, there have been many couples who had no voice in the coupling and yet learned to love each other. But many have not.  The vast difference between these two approaches to matrimony is seated in choice.

That is also the difference between living faith and  religion. In religion there are so many ways to perform instead of love. To fake it, if you will. But when you choose to know someone and let that same one into the depths of your will, thoughts, emotions, it  supersedes boundaries because love knows no bounds!heartstatus It is a commitment by choice, an act of your will. Religion does not require nor need your thoughts, your will. You simply perform the expected actions.

ads_loveaffairletters_flower1But sharing life with Someone is living the faith. And a daily choice.

If you believe in God, as I do, then you know that He is limitless power, limitless wisdom and worth. He can do ANYTHING, yet He chooses not to do some things. Those things all have to do with His greatest gift to us: our free will, our voice, our choice. He could make us love Him. But He chooses not to. He could slay those who do not, but instead He waits. His patience is unfathomable, but simple. He wants us to choose to love Him. He will invite us, draw us, but ultimately the choice to know Him intimately as a bride does her groom; that choice is ours. He has put so many examples of how to understand Him in 66 chapters of the Love Letter He crafted for us.


He shows us how to live with others, and how not to- because He  wants to see us succeed. He is so very jealous for us. His heart longs to see us embrace Him, and even more, allow Him to embrace us. He sent His Son as a Living Love Letter.

He dipped His pen of mercy into the well of sacrificial love and wrote of His love for us — a letter written in red.


He did not stop short of costing Himself a part of Himself. His very likeness was given to demonstrate how very much He wants us to be with Him, forever.

It is a choice. Like any relationship, business, friendship, family or romantic, it is a risk. Those who take the risk will find ups and downs, questions and answers, mystery and bewilderment. But if the choice is true, if it is sincere, learning the heartbeat, the preferences, even the humor of the Master Artist is the reward. I can’t imagine a greater opportunity, a more undeserved privilege. When I stop, really stop to think of it, He is the ONLY One who has offered this to us.

No other “faith” has sacrificed and triumphed in the truest, deepest love affair that is more ancient than the universe itself.

God knew you before/ when He formed you in the womb. He numbered your days, your words, the hairs on your head. hechoseyou  One might say He is obsessed with your heart. Let Him heal it.

Let Him caress it; let Him tell you His secrets and help you understand Him, the lover-of-your-soul.


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