Starting Over (again) & Wise Words that Warm the Weary Heart

It has been a bit like a knotted ball of yarn, this site development and maintenance. Just when I had my new site Life tweaked and rolled it out, my host decided to have server issues. Sigh. We have tried for over three months to work with them, but now have entered into mediation. So, this blog is my way of taking back what has been lost. It might be a bit wonky for a few weeks, but isn’t it great when you can start over, and even over again?  I think so!

Life is full of  “C”s! You know;  Changes, Challenges, Chaos, Curve balls, Confusion, Catalysts, Coincidences…you get the picture! The past month has had all of the above for Hubster and myself.

I am so very glad that the Lord packages and delivers wise words to us in the midst of our “C”s.  Aren’t you? Especially when they are expressly suited to fill those unique gaps in our worn and weary heart.  This was the case on Sunday for me. I had not “heard” much from the Lord recently. So much going on that probably it was because I was not finding it easy to listen. But that changed yesterday morning.

Here are a few of the Wise Words that I unpacked:

 It takes 1,000 hours of cold cold weather for the Peach tree to develop fruit.


I did not know that!  Those beautiful orbs dripping with sweet nectar require, no, demand bitter cold days? It’s a deep dormancy where a short spurt of warm weather won’t be enough to “wake” the tree up. The cold requirement for peach trees is dependent on this period of rest. Not even a shred of greenery to deflect the wind, nor hinder the ice or snow. Shivery hours of seeming nothingness. Ever been there? I have. I kinda am now, as I have a “peach” of a dream God has given me but it is nowhere within physical sight.

 Why do peaches need cold? Without this period of rest, the buds that were set the previous summer can’t blossom. And if there are no blossoms — you guessed it, no fruit!

BUT something is happening in these dark, cold, chilling hours.Roots are digging deeper, and  branches are strengthening for that amazing day of bountiful harvest and hot peach cobbler and fresh peach preserves.Oh! And don’t forget peach bread!!!!   images

Worth the wait!

Two hallmarks of  a great person are Giving and Forgiving.  

The giving is easy to understand. Everyone loves a giver, right?  They know how to release things- to pass it on to another without regret. Forgiving really is the same. Letting go of that hurt, that offense and trusting it to God to bring healing and releasing the offender to God as well. After all, HE knows better than we do all the details and exactly what is needed to bring forth fruit in both the forgiver and the forgiven!

You’ve found a good place to stand.

It was raining hard after service this past Sunday morning. “Hubster”  volunteered to get the car while I waited under a pop-up canopy provided by the church. A lady passing on the sidewalk said “You’ve found a good place to stand. I reflected upon the message just delivered;  Sonship, a Believer’s  Identity in Christ.  If you don’t believe that you were a “final” purchase of God by Christ’s blood, then you will not live as one who is pardoned, and welcomed as a Family member. You will believe a lie and you will live that out instead of the destiny divinely planned by Abba Father. Embracing the “upgrade” from believer to adoptive son or daughter places you under the canopy of His limitless love. heartstatus


Just as I had thought through all that, a couple hurried to their car, the woman  holding her Bible over her head to shield her hair ( life) style. Did you know that your hair carries your DNA? And that DNA identifies  you.  It is the most often used source for forensic investigations to solve mysteries of who is whom.  When we by live under the precepts and instruction we have the Word of God as our covering. Our lifestyle will reflect that covering. We will be preserved as we pass through the rainstorms of life.

If you are in a season of waiting, stay under the canopy of His word and His love.. .

That’s a good place to stand. wink



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