So what is that dream that has been dormant within you? The one in the “egg” stage? Or maybe you have one that is squawking at you- wanting you to take notice and allow it to come forth. Maybe you have been growing a dream and are longing to fly? The way up is WITH. Grow WITH Him, hatch WITH him, fly WITH Him. It’s ok if your first few flaps of the wings are clumsy. He is enough, remember?

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Saying Yes to the Dress (the Bride)

But Abba sent one while I was still young to say “Don’t look at the name on the building, listen to the heart of what they teach”, and I listened, along with my husband. And we are better for it. We really are just ONE Body, and there is only ONE mission- to make Him known. Not a version of Him, but ALL of Him. He is a diversely passionate, intimate, celebratory, steadfast, and committed Friend. He showed Himself in His Body.

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The Story Behind the Collection: Knowing

Knowing what you believe is crucial to living a life that brings fulfillment, some joy and one worth remembering.
Knowing overcomes wondering and wandering. Knowing gives one purpose, hope, and a compass.

Yet we all have struggles with the debilitating twins, doubt & fear. Laying a foundation of truth in your life makes it easier to shut the front door in the face of that obnoxious pair! You and I do not need to feel condemned when they come to visit, to be tempted is not a sin! But to open the door of your heart to doubt and fear is to crowd out the already growing faith and trust! These cannot share the same space. One or the other have to go.

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